The EXO-L Station

The EXO-L Station

It hasn’t even been a year yet since we last saw EXO. Our hearts still cannot stop thumping so hard reminiscing that magical night where we became one. Truly, luck is on our side for once again, EXO will grace us with their brilliant presence along with other stars.

The EXO-L Station

For this momentous event, EXO Philippines has orchestrated a station to give a hand to PHIXOS and turn this event into another one for the books.

We present you: “The EXO-L Station”

Just like real-life stations. It is a one-stop shop armed with what EXO-Ls will surely need for MBC Show Champion night.

Pre-selling of tickets? Banner support? Coffee support? Triple checks! No more long lines or the constant fear of running out of the best seats or even worse, sold out tickets. We will give our service in buying your tickets for so you can just look forward to yet another breathtaking show.

Of course, banners are a must to showcase our endless love and support and this time around, we will be giving out 9,000 banners for free? That’s not all! To extend our warm gratitude to both artists and the staff crew, we will set up a booth offering warm and delicious coffee so they can give their all for another spectacle.

This may not be a solo concert but we always know to give our very best for our boys because they deserve it all.

EXO-Ls may not be the only fandom there but let us make sure to give our love wholeheartedly and then we can shine together with our boys.Let’s show them the true power of EXO-Ls!

The EXO-L Station

The EXO-L Station

The EXO-L Station

The EXO-L Station

The EXO-L Station

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