EXO PLANET #4: TheEℓyXiOn in Manila PARADOXE Fan Project


PARADOXE: A statement that may be difficult to understand because it contains two opposite facts.

“We are one”. A paradoxe of multitude yet one in passion and music. So exclaimed by one of Korea’s premiere legends, EXO. Elyxion in Manila will see 8 different souls of pure talent and charisma, yet they will move and sing as one. Powerful yet gentle voices will fill MOA Arena as they serenade and rock your hearts once more. Deemed as one of the brightest stars in the universe, their lights won’t blind but rather will shine for you. Not in the heavens, but here with you.

Feel contempt for the what they’ve caused your hearts, together with an endless affection. All the tears, the jeers and fears; they all lead to this one night. Hearts will stop countless of times, yet you’ll never ever feel so alive.

Join fellow PH EXO-Ls as they welcome EXO Planet #4 where the paradox of their journey finally merge in a night of pure laughter and tears. Together, they will get it all. Together with EXO, they will give it all.

This. Is. ParadOXE


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