Oh Sehun Philippines “A Sweet Party for the Sweet Prince” Sehun’s 23rd Birthday Celebration

April is Sehun’s birthday month. And because it is his month, a lot of fansite had a party for him. We also had one in my country.

Oh Sehun Philippines recently celebrated his 23rd birthday at Balay Kalinaw, UP Campus, Quezon City last April 24, 2016. The event was fun and they gave away some cute freebies.

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I was able to attend the party and I enjoyed it a lot.

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Keep on supporting Oh Sehun and Oh Sehun Philippines❤

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Thank you guys for reading my post:)

See you next year for Sehun’s 24th bday celebration ❤

Photo Credits:

Oh Sehun Philippines


Special Thanks to:

Oh Sehun Philippines Staff

Balaw Kalinaw UP Campus

Bernos Catering

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