My [SEHUN] Callmeseni’s Call Me Seni Doll

Last year, Callmeseni sold her Call Me Seni Doll. It is a Sehun fansite doll.

I wasn’t able to buy her doll because I missed the pre-order period. I was so sad because I was really in love with that doll 😦

Then last month, I saw that doll in Taobao.

Taobao is like a Chinese Ebay.

I immediately purchased that doll.

And it was a success 🙂


The set includes a Polo Shirt, t-shirt, shorts, a pair of shoes, and some post cards freebies.

100_4447 100_4448 100_4449 100_4450 100_4451 100_4452 100_4453

I also made a video for this doll:


Thank you very much for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting 😀

Copyrights: ALL RIGHTS GOES TO Callmeseni

Credits: ALL CREDITS GOES TO Callmeseni

You can check her in twitter :

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