My ChanSoo Philippines 2nd Gathering’s Freebies

Last April 3, 2016, ChanSoo Philippines held their 2nd Fan Gathering at Ichill Sampaloc.


A lot of ChanSoo fans attended the event and had fun.

Because most of the staff of ChanSoo Philippines are my friends and ChanSoo is my 2nd OTP, I went to their event.

EXO72 013

The organizers gave away some cute freebies.

EXO72 012 EXO72 014 EXO72 015 EXO72 016 EXO72 017 EXO72 018 EXO72 019 EXO72 020 EXO72 021 EXO72 022 EXO72 023 EXO72 024 EXO72 025 EXO72 026 EXO72 027

I also made a video for these items:

EXO72 028

Thank you very much for reading my post ❤

Happy ChanSoo Day ❤

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