ChanSoo Philippines 2nd Gathering “Give Love A [Chansu: Chance]

Last April 3, 2016, ChanSoo Philippines held their 2nd Fan Gathering at IChill Theater Cafe Sampaloc.

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Because most of the staff of ChanSoo Philippines are my friends and ChanSoo is my 2nd OTP, I went to their event.

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Their theme this year is Japanese. So their food is a bento box 🙂


They said that when you read Chance is Katakana, is it pronounced as Chansu.

I also got some cute freebies.

EXO72 028


Keep on supporting ChanSoo and ChanSoo Philippines ❤

Follow them at:


Thank you guys for reading my post 🙂

See you at the next events 🙂

Photo Credits:

ChanSoo Philippines


Special Thanks to:

ChanSoo Philippines Staff

IChill Theater Cafe Sampaloc Manila

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