My Ceci Magazine February 2016 Issue featuring Sehun and RV Irene

Ceci Magazine featured Sehun on their February 2016 Issue with Red Velvet’s Irene.

EXO71 094 EXO71 095 EXO71 096 EXO71 097 EXO71 098 EXO71 099

I didn’t really want to collect magazines anymore but because Sehun was so hot here, I got a copy of it 🙂

EXO71 100 EXO71 101 EXO71 102 EXO71 103 EXO71 104 EXO71 105 EXO71 106 EXO71 107 EXO71 108 EXO71 109 EXO71 110 EXO71 111 EXO71 112 EXO71 113

I also made a video for this magazine:

EXO71 114

Thank you very much for reading my post 😀

Happy Collecting ❤


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