My EXO’luXion in Manila 2016 EXOPH and FC unions Fan Project Banners

Last January 23 and 24, 2016 at SM Mall of Asia, EXO had their two days concert here in Manila.

We, at EXO Philippines (EXOPH) and the other participating Fan club unions, collaborated for the SILVER EUPHORIA : 9 SHADES OF SILVER Fan Project.

In this project, EXOPH and the other nine participating fan clubs had their own banners for EXO and their members.

Here are some of the banners that I got from the fan project:

EXOPH Day 1 Banner

EXO69 002

EXOPH Day 2 Banner

EXO69 003EXO69 00412507642_1646925822225136_404442579998910658_n12552932_1088189271202699_8222658073263582414_n(Photo credits to My Prince Suho)

KAIporters Philippines Banner

EXO69 005

Suho Fan Union PH and Aquatics Philippines Banner

EXO69 006

CHENsation PH Banner

EXO69 007

KADI Philippines, KAIporters Philippines, and DOrKyungsoo Banner

EXO69 008

DOrKyungsoo Banner

EXO69 009

KADI Philippines Birthday Banner

EXO69 010

CHENsation PH and Bouncing Baozi PH Banner

EXO69 011

Real PCY Union PH Banner

EXO69 012

Bouncing Baozi PH Banner

EXO69 013

BaekHyun Fan Union PH Banner

EXO69 014

Oh Sehun Union PH Day 1 Banner

EXO69 015

Oh Sehun Union PH Day 2 Banner

EXO69 016

EXO69 017

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any banner from WithYiXing PH 😦

EXO69 020

I also made a video for these banners:

EXO69 022 EXO69 021

Thank you guys for reading my post~

Happy Collecting ❤

Special Thanks to:
Happee Sy
SM Entertainment
Dream Maker Entertainment
PULP Live World
for making this concert possible

Thank you so much to:
EXO Philippines Staff
BaekHyun Fan Union PH
Bouncing Baozi PH
Real PCY Union PH
CHENsation PH
WithYiXing PH
KADI Philippines
Oh Sehun Union PH
KAIporters Philippines
Suho Fan Union PH
for giving all your time and effort for this fan project ❤


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