My Nature Republic “Second Story” Catalogue and SeHun’s Standee

EXO is one of the endorsers of Nature Republic.

They always released new merchandise products for EXO to endorse.

One of these merchandises is the catalogue and standees.

EXO68 046

This is the second catalogue of EXO from Nature Republic

EXO68 047 EXO68 048 EXO68 049 EXO68 050 EXO68 051 EXO68 052 EXO68 053 EXO68 054 EXO68 055 EXO68 056 EXO68 057 EXO68 058 EXO68 059 EXO68 060 EXO68 061 EXO68 062 EXO68 063 EXO68 064 EXO68 065 EXO68 066 EXO68 067

I only bought SeHun’sstandeeEXO68 068 EXO68 069

I also made a video for these merchandises:

EXO68 070

Thank you guys for reading my post~

Happy Collecting ❤


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