My EXO 1st Official Lightstick

Last year, EXO went on their EXO-LOVE Concert In Dome.

This was also the time that they formally launch their official light stick to EXO-Ls.

I was happy to get mine last month.

EXO68 131 EXO68 132 EXO68 133 EXO68 134

The lightstick box includes the lightstick, strap, guide and a warranty card.

EXO68 135 EXO68 136 EXO68 137 EXO68 138 EXO68 139 EXO68 140 EXO68 141 EXO68 142 EXO68 143 EXO68 144 EXO68 145 EXO68 146 EXO68 147 EXO68 148 EXO68 149 EXO68 150 EXO68 151 EXO68 152

I also made a video for this lightstick:

EXO68 153

Thank you guys for reading my post~

Happy Collecting ❤

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