EXO Dolls Mall Tour: SM Clark Pampanga

Last year, PULP Live World announced EXO’s EXOLUXION Concert in Manila. A lot of EXO-L’s were excited of the said news.


At Kcon7, PULP announced that the concert will be two days. They also announced the Mall tours of EXO Dolls in the Philippines.



The EXO Dolls tour started at Kcon7.

Their second appearance was on SM City Clark Pampanga.


EXO DOLLS Mall tour in SM City Clark was held in the event centre at 2pm last January 10, 2016.

20160110_122201 20160110_122206 20160110_122214 20160110_122312 20160110_122321 20160110_122356 20160110_124842 20160110_124851 20160110_124913

This event was organized by PULP LIVE WORLD.

There were a lot of games and the winners were given Day 2 concert tickets.

EXO67 010 EXO67 009 EXO67 008 EXO67 007 EXO67 006 EXO67 005

AMIGO cover group had a special performance on the said event.

EXO67 015 EXO67 014 EXO67 013 EXO67 012 EXO67 011

Everyone was excited to meet and greet the EXO Dolls.

EXO67 029 EXO67 028 EXO67 027 EXO67 026 EXO67 022 EXO67 021 EXO67 019 EXO67 017 EXO67 032 EXO67 031 EXO67 004 EXO67 003 EXO67 002 EXO67 037

I even had the chance to take a picture with SeHunnie’s Doll.

EXO67 001 EXO67 016 EXO67 034 EXO67 035

EXOPH was also invited to promote our Silver Tsunami Fan Project.

12494987_10153852074643688_2020223943675134066_n 12439515_10153852017503688_2586206502255290933_n 12507207_10153852017208688_9199824057060890099_n 1935199_10207564273979167_2198453357535949672_n 12417963_1048637025159788_2677556678830858583_n 12509722_10153852063373688_4263795481499222898_n 12510243_10153852074278688_2155098359275839213_n

We are so grateful to be a part of this mall tour.

Miss Happee also announced the next mall tour of EXO Dolls.

It will be on January 16, 2016 at The Annex Cyberzone 4th Floor, SM City North EDSA.


We hope that all EXO-L’s will continue to support and follow the EXO Dolls Mall Tour.

And for those who doesn’t have tickets yet, grab yours at the nearest SM Mall.

See you all at EXO PLANET #2 – The EXO’luXion Live in Manila!

Thank you to:

Pulp Live World and all their staff for making this event possible.

All the EXO-L’s who came and supported the event.

The production team.

Pulp Magazine.

Ms. Happee Sy.


SM City Clark.

Those who were inside the dolls.

EXOPH staff who gave up their Sunday for this event.

And all those who I didn’t mention.


Photo Credits:

Pulp Live World

Miss Happee Sy


Credits to all the owners of the pictures (sorry if I grab your pictures without asking permission 😦 )

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