My Experiences as a PKCI Volunteer at KCON7

Last December 19, 2015, KCON7 was held at Philippine Trade and Training Center, Pasay City.



KCON means KPOP Convention. It is a charity event that is held every year.

This year’s theme is Back to Basics.

12345444_10153246231771439_1816080419254933192_n 12182719_10153195200211439_5336639741952878793_o

It means, they didn’t invite any Kpop artist to be the guest.

EXOPH participated and had two booths in KCON7 last Saturday.

12342726_10153244904021439_6943600867366388811_n 12395570_10153465279238152_1778344234_n 702761_10153465279148152_822302034_n 12404120_10153465279133152_1114458173_n

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Because of the upcoming EXOlu’Xion Concert, EXOPH booth focused on fan projects and donations.


I wasn’t able to help them on that day because I volunteered for PKCI.

12431297_10153467630978152_1389798922_n 12431351_10153467631253152_806356321_n

As volunteers, we were in the venue at 12am to help in the preparations.

1974437_10153273947383663_1075091548_n 1454892_10208440510516295_2782852376910857385_n

We didn’t sleep at all 😛

I was assigned in the registration booth. We started selling tickets at around 7am.


Even though the place was far and it was raining, it didn’t stop the fans from attending the event.

11225721_10153265872071439_5049785042525784454_n 992855_10207148455581259_5189545448028868511_n


Kcon7 even had a surprise guest 🙂



And a shocking announcement 😀

EXO will have two days concert here in the Philippines ❤

CWk4zGNUsAEjlem (1)

And also the Kpop awards were EXO won Album of the Year and Best Male Group.


481167_442015049337158_3496274405453879881_n 12369083_442015089337154_5465090980659957750_n 58037_10207407329455652_4068364736742694292_n

And EXOPH won the Best Fan club of the Year.


It was a wonderful day for me. I am very thankful that I was given the chance to experience the behind the scenes of Kcon.


Thank you to:

all the EXOPH Staffs and Individual EXO fcs who spent all their time, effort and money for making our booth one of the best.

All the EXO-L’s who visited and supported our booth.

All the fans who went to Kcon even though the venue was far and it was raining.

Philippine Kpop Convention Inc. (PKCI) (especially Miss Jay and Miss Julie) who gave me the opportunity to volunteer.

All the staff and volunteers of PKCI.

The production team.

Pulp Magazine and Ms. Happee Sy for giving us the shocking announcement.

PTTC and all the sponsors.

Gawad Kalinga and Paws.

And all those who I didn’t mention.


Thank you guys for reading my post.

See you next year ^_^



Photo Credits:

PKCI (Philippine Kpop Convention Inc.)


Credits to all the owners of the pictures (sorry if I grab your pictures without asking permission 😦 )


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