EXOPH Video Message for EXO

Last December 13, 2015, at Blue Bay Walk Pasay, EXOPH organized a video shoot message for EXO.


This video might be shown in the concert of EXO here in Manila.

Unfortunately, there were only few EXO-L’s who came because it was the ticketing day of the concert too.

DSCN8478.MOV_000032499 DSCN8478.MOV_000029496 DSCN8478.MOV_000006906 DSCN8478.MOV_000004671 DSCN8476.MOV_000032899 DSCN8476.MOV_000031498 DSCN8476.MOV_000027994 DSCN8476.MOV_000005438 DSCN8476.MOV_000004004 DSCN8475.MOV_000029362 DSCN8475.MOV_000026926 DSCN8475.MOV_000017584

EXOPH Visayas and Mindanao Chapter also organized a video shoot.

1937055_1508537796112981_3521658237252850892_n 12345553_797102753748513_7211796281791450885_n

I hope all the EXO-L’s will join and donate to EXOPH and their participating individual fanclubs’ fan projects for EXO’luXion in Manila.

Let’s make this 2 days concert a memorable one 🙂

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