My EXO’s 2nd Box

Recently, SMent released EXO’s 2nd box.

I have two copies of EXO’s 1st box. But because I am trying to save for EXO’s concert here in my country, I just got one copy of the 2nd box.

EXO66 001 EXO66 002 EXO66 003 EXO66 004 EXO66 024 EXO66 025 EXO66 026

Like the first box, this one contains four Cd’s too.

EXO66 027 EXO66 028 EXO66 029 EXO66 030 EXO66 031 EXO66 032 EXO66 033 EXO66 034 EXO66 035

I also made a video for this box:

EXO66 036

Thank you guys for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting~

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