My EXO Official Ring (Matte Black)

A few months ago, SMent released EXO’s official ring.

1798873_541167762701030_7240751786255066602_n 12072672_541167736034366_8441760085194300822_n 12074560_541167766034363_8295591079621623935_n

I bought the Matte Black.

EXO66 005 EXO66 006 EXO66 007 EXO66 037 EXO66 038

It comes with a warranty card 🙂

EXO66 039 EXO66 040 EXO66 041

I bought the smallest size

EXO66 042 EXO66 043 EXO66 044 EXO66 045 EXO66 046

I also made a video for this ring:

EXO66 047 EXO66 048

Thank you guys for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting~


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