The boys were in Fukuoka on October 31-November 1st, in Tokyo November 6-8, and finally in Osaka’s Kyocera Dome in November 13-15 for their EXO Planet #2 EXO’luXion in Japan concert.

During their concert tour in Japan, they also released merchandises.

One of these merchandises is EXOBITION#1-LIMITED SATELLITE Post cards.

EXO65 051 EXO65 052 EXO65 053 EXO65 054 EXO65 055 EXO65 056 EXO65 057 EXO65 058 EXO65 059 EXO65 060 EXO65 061 EXO65 062 EXO65 063

I also made a video for this merchandise:

EXO65 064 EXO65 065

Thank you guys for reading my post.

Happy Collecting ❤

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