My EXO-Love Concert in Dome Postcard Set

EXO recently made history by being the first artists to hold a dome concert in South Korea.

“EXO-Love CONCERT in DOME” took place on October 10, 2015 in Seoul’s newly built Gocheok Sky Dome, filling all 22,000 seats.

They also released concert goods that time.

One of these merchandises is the Postcard set.

EXO65 028

This set looks like a book. Each member has two postcards.

EXO65 029 EXO65 030 EXO65 031 EXO65 032 EXO65 033 EXO65 034 EXO65 035 EXO65 036 EXO65 037 EXO65 038 EXO65 039 EXO65 040 EXO65 041 EXO65 042 EXO65 043 EXO65 044 EXO65 045 EXO65 046 EXO65 047 EXO65 048

I also made a video for this merchandise:

EXO65 048 EXO65 049 EXO65 050

Thank you guys for reading my post~

Happy Collecting ❤


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