My EXODUS Photo Note

When EXO dropped their EXODUS album, there were a lot of merchandises released as well.

One of them is EXODUS Photo Note.

I don’t really collect notebooks, but because a seller made a mistake on my orders, I don’t have a choice but to get it.

EXO62 141 EXO62 142 EXO62 143 EXO62 144 EXO62 145 EXO62 146 EXO62 147 EXO62 148 EXO62 149 EXO62 150 EXO62 151 EXO62 152 EXO62 153 EXO62 154 EXO62 155 EXO62 156 EXO62 157 EXO62 158 EXO62 159 EXO62 160 EXO62 161 EXO62 162 EXO62 163 EXO62 164

I also made a video for this photo note:

EXO62 165

Thank you guys for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting 🙂


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