My EXO Paper Toy Goods Tao and Sehun Fan

Last June 2015, Sment released EXO Paper Toy Goods. These merchandises are the cartoon version of EXO.

Because I love caricatures, animations and cartoons, I can’t help myself but to purchase a copy of these cute little toys.

10462527_863995607026285_8969356005413712175_n 1499686_864007303691782_1236819151824190324_n

These are Tao and Sehun’s EXO Paper Toy Fans.

EXO60 010 EXO60 011

I love collecting Tao and Sehun’s fans. I bough two fans of Sehun because I will be using the other one 🙂

EXO60 012 EXO60 013 EXO60 014 EXO60 015 EXO60 016 EXO60 017 EXO60 018 EXO60 019 EXO60 020 EXO60 021 EXO60 022 EXO60 023

I also made a video for these fans:

EXO60 024

Thank you guys for reading my post.

Happy Collecting ❤




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