My EXODUS Version 2 Polaroid Set “Call me baby”

Last month, SMent released EXO’s Version 2 Polaroids of EXODUS.

EXO65 124 EXO65 125 EXO65 126 EXO65 144 EXO65 145

In this set, each member has 4 pictures of themselves.

EXO65 146 EXO65 147 EXO65 148 EXO65 149 EXO65 150 EXO65 151 EXO65 152 EXO65 153 EXO65 154 EXO65 155 EXO65 156 EXO65 157 EXO65 158 EXO65 159

I guess this is the last polaroid set that Tao is included 😦

EXO65 199 EXO65 200

I also made a video for this set:

Thank you guys for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting 🙂


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