My EXO EXODUS Repackage Album “Love Me Right” Korean and China Version

EXO released their repackage album for EXODUS. The repackage album is called “Love Me Right”.

Unfortunately, Tao didn’t participate in this album because of the issues of his departure.

As a TaoHun fan, I felt really sad about this comeback. But I still bought copies of this album for Sehun and the other members.

EXO65 010

EXO65 009


EXO65 002 EXO65 003 EXO65 004 EXO65 005 EXO65 006 EXO65 007 EXO65 008


EXO65 011 EXO65 012 EXO65 013

Korean and China Version Album

EXO65 014 EXO65 015 EXO65 016 EXO65 017 EXO65 018 EXO65 019 EXO65 020 EXO65 021 EXO65 022 EXO65 023 EXO65 024 EXO65 025 EXO65 026 EXO65 027 EXO65 028 EXO65 029 EXO65 030 EXO65 031 EXO65 032 EXO65 033 EXO65 034 EXO65 035 EXO65 036 EXO65 037 EXO65 038 EXO65 039

I also made a video for these albums:

Thank you guys for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting 🙂

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