My EXOPH Membership Cards

EXOPH is one of the biggest fanclub of EXO in The Philippines.

It was founded last March 2011.


I became one of their staff last year and it was a great experience for me.

EXO Philippines is doing a lot of fan gatherings for EXO. They also offer memberships for all EXO fans in the country.

EXO64 001

These are EXO Philippines new membership cards.

These cards are given to all official members of Team EXO Philippines.

These cards have 10 different designs. Each card has EXO’s OT10 power symbol.


EXO64 002

TaoEXO64 003


EXO64 004


EXO64 005


EXO64 006


EXO64 007


EXO64 008


EXO64 009


EXO64 010


EXO64 011

EXO64 012

If you have all the 10 cards, you can put them together by following the lines that connects each power symbol.

EXO64 014 EXO64 015 EXO64 016 EXO64 013

These cards are exclusive for EXO Philippines members only. If you want one, just check us out on the events that we will be participating in 🙂

EXO64 017

I also made a video for these membership cards:

Thank you guys for reading my post 🙂

Happy Collecting ❤

Special Thanks to:
Thor Diolola
Ysvetlana Posecion

4 thoughts on “My EXOPH Membership Cards

  1. how to be a member of EXO philippines fan club and how can i get those cards.. i want to watch there concert on april 28, 2018…


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