EXOPH “4th Chapter: Rebirth” ticket tutorial

EXO Philippines, the premiere EXO fanbase in the country that has brought you ‘Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2013,’ ‘Kpop Republic 2013,’ ‘Class of 2013: XOXO Album Launch,’ ‘1st Chapter: The Beginning,’ ‘2nd Chapter: The Awakening,’ ‘3rd Chapter: The Rising,’ ‘Wolf’s Cry: GROWL Album Launch,’ and ‘The Doctor is In: Overdose Album Launch’, in partnership with different premiere organizations in the country, continues the saga of the legends’ journeys in: “4th Chapter: Rebirth.”

In this chapter, we immerse you further into the world of EXO with various activities everyone can enjoy. With the legends’ exodus to a new era, you definitely have to celebrate with old friends and even meet new ones by spazzing over your biases. Dance and sing along as our special guests entertain you with their rendition of EXO’s songs and performances. Show support to the teams who are ready to showcase their beastly moves in one explosive dance showdown! You can also expand your collection of EXO merchandise by purchasing from our concessionaires’ booths and enjoying the goodies and freebies that we have prepared just for you. We have treasures in store, so be sure to participate in the games and do your best to get hints and unlock the pathcode!

The journey of the legends is far from over. We have conquered the maze of darkness. Join us as we experience the rebirth of EXO.

WHAT: EXO Philippines 4th Chapter: Rebirth
WHERE: SM Megamall Function Rooms
WHEN: May 16, 2015
Ticket Price: Php 220* (inclusive of freebies and souvenirs) / Php 250* for walk-ins on the day itself

Before entering the venue, tickets must be assembled first.

Here is a tutorial on how to assemble the event ticket.

EXO59 001 EXO59 002

Prepare the following:

EXO59 003

Glue, tape or anything that you can use to stick things together

EXO59 004

the ticket

EXO59 005

Cut out the ticket. Remember to follow the lines.

EXO59 006 EXO59 007 EXO59 008

Fold the sides. Remember to fold it before the white part.

EXO59 009 EXO59 010 EXO59 011

Prepare a ruler.

EXO59 012

Use the ruler to fold the small sides.

EXO59 013 EXO59 014

Using a glue or tape, stick the small sides to the big squares.

EXO59 015 EXO59 016 EXO59 017 EXO59 018 EXO59 019

Do the same at the top.

EXO59 020

And that’s it. Your ticket is ready for the event 🙂

EXO59 021 EXO59 022 EXO59 023 EXO59 024

For those who don’t have their tickets yet, all members are still available 🙂

EXO59 026 EXO59 027 EXO59 028 EXO59 029 EXO59 030 EXO59 031 EXO59 032 EXO59 033 EXO59 034 EXO59 035 EXO59 036 EXO59 037 EXO59 038 EXO59 039 EXO59 040 EXO59 041 EXO59 042 EXO59 043 EXO59 044 EXO59 045 EXO59 046 EXO59 047 EXO59 048 EXO59 049 EXO59 050 EXO59 051 EXO59 052 EXO59 053 EXO59 054 EXO59 055 EXO59 056 EXO59 057 EXO59 058 EXO59 059 EXO59 060 EXO59 061 EXO59 062 EXO59 063

So get yours now 🙂

I also made a video for this tutorial:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Hope to see you all at EXOPH “4th Chapter: Rebirth” Gathering ❤


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