My EXO Tao and Sehun’s Coex Artium Merchandises

Coex Artium is the newest store of SMent. They sell merchandises of all of their artist.

Recently, they sold a lot of EXO goods.

And because I am a big Noona fan of Tao and Sehun, I made it a sure to get their merchandises.

EXO56 050

Tao and Sehun’s Character Sticker

EXO56 051

EXO56 052

Tao and Sehun’s Character Emblem

EXO56 053

EXO56 054

EXO56 055

EXO56 056

Tao and Sehun’s Giant Button

EXO56 057

EXO56 058

EXO56 059

EXO56 060

Tao and Sehun’s Limited Photo

EXO56 061

EXO56 062

EXO56 063

EXO56 064

Tao and Sehun’s Stationery Set

EXO56 065

EXO56 066

EXO56 067

EXO56 068

EXO56 069

EXO56 070

EXO56 071

EXO56 072

EXO56 073

EXO56 074

EXO56 075

EXO56 076

EXO56 077

I also made a video for these merchandises:

EXO56 078

Thank you guys for reading my post ❤

Happy Collecting 🙂

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