Best of Best in the Philippines 2015 Concert

Last April 12, 2015, Sunday, at Philippine Arena Bocaue, Bulacan, Best of Best in the Philippines Concert was held.




The concert was presented by Globe and co-presented by StarWorld.


Miss Sam Oh was the MC of the said event.


My friend and I went to Trinoma at around 3:30pm. We rode the shuttle bus going to Bocaue, Bulacan.

EXO56 110

We arrived at Philippine Arena after a few minutes.

EXO56 111

The place was huge and very clean.

EXO56 112

The organizers had a mini Kpop event outside the Arena for all of the fans who were waiting for the concert.

EXO56 113

EXO56 114

EXO56 115

EXO56 116

We went inside the venue at around 6pm.

EXO56 117

EXO56 118

EXO56 119

EXO56 120

EXO56 121

We went inside the Arena at 6:30pm.

EXO56 122

EXO56 123

The place was huge. And the facilities was the best.

EXO56 124

EXO56 127

EXO56 133

EXO56 134

The concert started at around 7:30pm

EXO56 135

The first performer was Red Velvet

EXO56 138

EXO56 139

EXO56 140

EXO56 141

EXO56 142

EXO56 143

The were very cute and energetic. We enjoyed their performance a lot.

EXO56 144

The second performer was BTOB.

EXO56 146

EXO56 147

EXO56 148

EXO56 149

EXO56 151

EXO56 152

They were handsome and had a powerful stage performance. We love them a lot ❤

EXO56 153

The third performer was Girls Generation, also know as SNSD.

EXO56 155

EXO56 157

EXO56 158

EXO56 160

EXO56 161

EXO56 162

EXO56 163

EXO56 166

EXO56 167

EXO56 171

EXO56 175

They sang my favorite song Gee ❤

EXO56 177

EXO56 178

EXO56 180

EXO56 181

EXO56 182

EXO56 183

EXO56 184

EXO56 189

EXO56 190

EXO56 191

They were very beautiful and sweet ❤ (And some members looked tired)

EXO56 192

Sunny and Hyoyeon are my biases ❤

EXO56 193

The last performer was Super Junior.

EXO56 196

EXO56 197

EXO56 198

EXO56 199

EXO56 200

They had a charismatic opening performance.

EXO56 201

EXO56 202

EXO56 203

EXO56 204

EXO56 206

EXO56 207

EXO56 208

EXO56 209

EXO56 211

EXO56 212

EXO56 214

EXO56 215

EXO56 216

EXO56 221

EXO56 222

EXO56 223

They were very cute and “makulit” while introducing themselves.

EXO56 225

EXO56 226

EXO56 227

EXO56 229

EXO56 230

EXO56 231

EXO56 232

EXO56 233

EXO56 234

EXO56 235

EXO56 238

EXO56 239

EXO56 240

EXO56 241

EXO56 243

EXO56 245

I enjoyed their performance so much. They were full of energy and they tried their best to interact with the fans.

EXO56 246

EXO56 247

EXO56 248

EXO56 249

EXO56 252

EXO56 254

The concert ended at around 10:30pm.

It was a blast! I enjoyed every part of it ❤

From the shuttle to the venue was organized. I was happy to be a part of this concert.


I would like to thank the following:


especially to:


for making this concert possible 🙂

and to their co-presentor


and also to:

Korean Cultural Center





and all their media partners.


We hope there will be a part two for this concert ❤


Thank you guys for reading my post ❤


I also had video clips for this concert:



Girls Generation CATCH ME –

Girls Generation MR TAXI –

Girls Generation Kissing You –


Super Junior OPENING –

Super Junior MAMACITA –


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