My EXO Chibi Pins

Ever since I collected official merchandises, I’m not into unofficial anymore except for fansite merchandises.

But last weekend, I saw these pins and I couldn’t help but to buy them.

EXO46 001

These are small pins with chibi faces of EXO. They are from the XOXO era so Kris and Luhan are still here.

I got them from Dosshi Kshop.

EXO46 002

EXO46 003

EXO46 004

EXO46 005

EXO46 006

EXO46 007

EXO46 008

EXO46 009

EXO46 010

EXO46 011

EXO46 012

EXO46 013

EXO46 014

EXO46 015

If you are from The Philippines and want to have these chibi pins, just look for DOsshi Kshop in Facebook.

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!

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