My BTS Sparkling Magazine

Last year, BTS came to the Philippines for their “The Red Bullet” concert.

The concert was a huge success.

Sparkling Magazine is a KPOP Magazine in the Philippines. They feature different KPOP groups and artist especially those who visited the country.

For Winter 2015 issue, BTS and UKISS are their cover artist.

EXO45 037

EXO45 038

EXO45 039

They also include a poster of BTS and UKISS

EXO45 040

EXO45 041

EXO45 042

EXO45 043

Here are some pictures I took inside the magazine:

EXO45 044

EXO45 045

EXO45 046

EXO45 047

EXO45 048

I also made a video for this magazine:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting ❤

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