EXOPH at Annyeong Laguna

Last February 1, 2015, Sunday, at Pacita Astrodome San Pedro Laguna, Annyeong Philippines Productions held an event called Annyeong Laguna.


This was the first Kpop event in Laguna.

EXOPH was invited to be a part of the said event.

Four of our staffs, including me, participated in Annyeong Laguna last Sunday. The event started at around 9am. There were a lot of Kpop fans who spazz all over the place.


There were also a lot of cover groups who participated in the dance battle. Some popular cover groups gave amazing performance for the Kpop fans in Laguna. They also invited Kpop cosplayers that made the place full of shouts and spazz.









They gave us Annyeong Laguna’s pins and chocolates.

EXO46 016

EXO46 017

EXO46 018

EXO46 019

EXO46 020

At the end of the event, EXOPH was given “The Best Fanclub” award.


We didn’t expect to get this award that’s why we were shocked and happy at the same time.

The event finished at around 7pm. We enjoyed this amazing event a lot.

We want to thank the following for inviting us in Annyeong Laguna:

Annyeong Philippines Productions

APP Staffs

Miss Vhina of APP


All the Kpop fans who visited our booth

and all the Kpop fans who supported the event.

Thanks again APP for inviting us. We hope that you will invite us again 🙂

I also made a video for this event:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Hope to see you in the next event 🙂

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