ChanSoo Philippines: The First Gathering

Last December 20, 2014, I was invited to attend the first gathering of ChanSoo Philippines. I’m a TaoHun fan but I don’t really hate other OTPs.

My friend invited me to join and I did. ChanSoo means Chanyeol and KyungSoo. It is one of the rising OTPs in EXO.


This gathering was organized by CHANSOOREP and CHANSOOPH and was sponsored by DOssi KShop.


The gathering was done in NYCC Coffee and Milk Tea.


They even have Chanyeol and KyungSoo’s standees.


The event was fun. There were games and raffles. The food was delicious too.

They even gave a lot of freebies.


I got mine and here are the freebies inside:

EXO41 001

EXO41 002

EXO41 003

EXO41 004

EXO41 005

EXO41 006

EXO41 007

EXO41 008

EXO41 009

EXO41 010

EXO41 011

EXO41 012

EXO41 013

EXO41 014

EXO41 015

EXO41 016

EXO41 017

I was an awesome event. Meeting the ChanSoo shippers were also fabulous. I hope TaoHun shippers in my country will meet too.


Thank you guys for reading my post!

Hope to see any of you in the next event 🙂

Photo Credits:

ChanSoo Philippines

ChanSoo Rep


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