My [SEHUN] HYPERBEAT 2nd Photobook +DVD “So Much To Me”

HyperBeat is one of Sehun’s popular fansite. I purchased her first photobook, “Heart Skipped a Beat”, and I love it.

That’s why I was determine to get her second photobook which is entitled, “So Much To Me”.

EXO36 002

I was excited to open it. This is my first merchandise for the year 2015.

EXO36 003

EXO36 004

EXO36 005

Magnetic Sticker

EXO36 007

EXO36 006

Band Aid

EXO36 008


EXO36 009

EXO36 011

EXO36 010

Post Cards

EXO36 012

EXO36 013

EXO36 014

EXO36 015

EXO36 017

EXO36 016


EXO36 018

EXO36 019

EXO36 020

EXO36 021


EXO36 022

EXO36 023

L-Card Holder

EXO36 024

EXO36 025

EXO36 026

Mini Photobook

EXO36 027

EXO36 028

EXO36 029

EXO36 030

EXO36 031

EXO36 033

EXO36 032

EXO36 034

EXO36 035


EXO36 036

EXO36 037

EXO36 038

EXO36 039

So Much To Me Photobook

EXO36 040

EXO36 041

EXO36 042

EXO36 043

EXO36 044

EXO36 045

EXO36 046

EXO36 047

EXO36 048

EXO36 049

EXO36 050

EXO36 051

EXO36 052

EXO36 053

EXO36 054

EXO36 055

EXO36 056

EXO36 057

This photobook is worth it. If you are a Sehun Photobook collector, this one is a must have 🙂

EXO36 058

EXO36 059

EXO36 060

EXO36 061

EXO36 063

EXO36 064

I also made a video for this photobook:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy 2015 ❤

Happy New year!

1000 days with EXO ❤




2 thoughts on “My [SEHUN] HYPERBEAT 2nd Photobook +DVD “So Much To Me”

  1. 1st book is from sehun’s photo from what year?

    2nd book is from sehun’s photo from what year?

    Is the year overlapping ?

    Im not interested in collecting photobooks since exo debut, but looking at these i feel like collecting them too. I wish the year is overlapping 😦
    It’s like buying narnia book starting from book number 3 is not nice 😦


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