My BTS OruL82? Album

Everyone knows that I am an EXOL and a big noona fan of Sehun and Tao. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like other groups too~

My Second Fandom is A.R.M.Y. I love BTS and my biases are Kim Tae Hyung and Jeon Jung Kook. I promise myself to collect their merchandises this coming 2015 🙂

So before 2015 starts, I will be showing my first BTS merchandises.

This is BTS OruL82? Album.

EXO35 059

EXO35 060

The official poster is inside the album 🙂

EXO35 061

EXO35 062

EXO35 063

EXO35 064

I got Jung Kook and a group photocard 🙂

EXO35 065

EXO35 066

Here are some pictures I took from the album:

EXO35 067

EXO35 068

EXO35 069

EXO35 070

EXO35 071

EXO35 072

EXO35 073

EXO35 074

EXO35 075

EXO35 076

EXO35 077

EXO35 078

It also comes with a BTS comic strip ^_^

EXO35 079

EXO35 080

EXO35 081

I am so happy to have this album. So expect that next year I will be getting more 🙂

EXO35 082

I also made a video for this album:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

A.R.M.Y. ❤

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