My EXO The Lost Planet Brochure and another set of postcards

I already purchased EXO’s The Lost Planet postcards in Ebay before. But I also ordered from another shop. I thought that shop won’t give me my orders because it took a long time. But eventually, it arrived last week so I don’t have a choice but to get them. Luckily, I didn’t buy the TLP brochure in Ebay.

EXO30 001

EXO30 002

EXO30 003

EXO30 004

EXO30 005

EXO30 006

EXO30 007

EXO30 008

EXO30 010

The Lost Planet Key Chain

EXO30 011

EXO30 012

My another set of The Lost Planet Postcards

EXO30 013

EXO30 014

EXO30 015

The Lost Planet Brochure

EXO30 016

EXO30 017

EXO30 018

EXO30 019

EXO30 020

EXO30 021

EXO30 022

EXO30 023

EXO30 024

EXO30 025

EXO30 026

EXO30 027

EXO30 028

EXO30 029

EXO30 030

EXO30 031

EXO30 032

EXO30 033

EXO30 034

EXO30 035

EXO30 036

EXO30 037

EXO30 038

EXO30 039

The Brochure looks like a collection of big postcards

EXO30 040

I also made a video for these merchandises:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!

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