My EXO Official and Unofficial Merchandises Compilation

Because there are so many messages and request in my blog and YouTube accounts about making a video of all of my EXO merchandises, so I thought on giving it a try.

I really wanted to do it before but because I have so many items, just planning on doing it makes me so tired and lazy.

I did it last night and it was not a huge success. First, I was tired from work and second, I was tired of thinking how to rearrange them again -_-

Anyway, I did show most of my official items. So enjoy this video guys 🙂

Sorry if my room is a bit messy. I cleaned and rearrange my things afterwards 🙂

EXO27 001

EXO27 002

EXO27 003

I have 3 big boxes for my EXO collections~

EXO27 005

EXO27 006

EXO27 007

EXO27 008

EXO27 009

EXO27 010

Thank you guys for watching my video and reading my post!

Happy collecting my fellow EXO-Ls!!


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