My Tao and Sehun’s Photocards and Postcards August Update

Because Sunny10 released a new version of their cards, I made another post to show my love to Tao and Sehun.

Sunny10 Version D is not a photocard. It looks like a transparent card but it is actually a sticker.

EXO26 048

EXO26 049

EXO26 050

Here are some of my Tao and Sehun’s photocards and postcards collections

EXO26 052

EXO26 053

EXO26 054

EXO26 055

EXO26 056

EXO26 057

EXO26 058

I also made a video for this update:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting my fellow EXO-Ls!!

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