My [SEHUN] AIOLOS 1st Photobook “The Beginning”

Sehun is one of my biases. I love buying his merchandises and fansite photobooks.

I have AIOLOS 2nd photobook “Spotlight”. So it is natural to have the first photobook too. But I wasn’t able to buy it. So I just bought a pre-love. The problem is, it doesn’t have any of the freebies.

So I will just share what is inside the photobook.

EXO25 058

EXO25 059

EXO25 060

EXO25 061

EXO25 062

EXO25 063

EXO25 064

EXO25 065

EXO25 066

EXO25 067

EXO25 068

EXO25 069

EXO25 070

EXO25 071

EXO25 072

EXO25 073

EXO25 074

EXO25 075

EXO25 076

EXO25 077

EXO25 078

EXO25 080

EXO25 079

EXO25 081

EXO25 082

I also made a video for this photobook:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting~

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