My Experiences as an EXOPH Staff at KFEST5

Last July 20, 2014, I attended KFEST5. KFEST is a Korean Festival in The Philippines. In this event, the organizers will invite a Kpop Group, Actor, Actress or any Korean Celebrities. There are also Kpop cosplayers and cover group contests.

In KFEST5, they invited M.Pire.

And of course, our Team was there too. We didn’t go there to spazz but to sell EXO official and unofficial merchandises.

EXO23 005

A lot of Kpop fans came in this event. It was super fun and exciting.

EXO23 006

Our team was tired but happy because of the experiences that we shared together.

EXO23 003

I am very grateful to experience this event with my EXOPH Family. I hope to have and share more events with them.

EXO23 004

I also made a reaction video for this event:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Spazzing~


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