My EXO Yes Magazine “Yes! Cards”

Yes Magazine is a Hongkong based magazine that releases photocards of Kpop singers and groups. They call their photocards Yes! Cards. These Yes! Cards can be purchased together with the magazine.

I would love to buy the magazine and the complete set of EXO Yes Cards. But the problem is, it is hard to find a seller from HongKong. It is also hard to find a supplier of these cards too.

So when some friends of mine had a group pre orders for these cards, I immediately reserved Tao and Sehun’s Yes Cards. I didn’t get all their cards but at least I got some.

Here are some of my Tao and Sehun’s Yes! Cards

EXO23 007

EXO23 008

EXO23 009

EXO23 010

EXO23 011

EXO23 012

EXO23 013

My Yes! Cards EXO Group Cards

EXO23 014

EXO23 015

EXO23 016

EXO23 017

EXO23 018

I hope to buy the whole sets of these Yes! Cards. If any of you wanted to sell your cards, please contact me juseyo~

I also made a video for these photocards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting~


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