My EXO Kolon Sport Membership Card

EXO is one of the endorsers of Kolon Sport. Kolon Sport releases a lot of EXO merchandises including standees and brochure.

They also released EXO Kolon Sport Membership Card. This membership card is like a discount card when purchasing something from Kolon Sport.

But sadly this card can only be used in South Korea.

EXO23 031

EXO23 032

EXO23 033

EXO23 034

EXO23 035

EXO23 036

EXO23 037

EXO23 038

EXO23 039

EXO23 040

EXO23 041

EXO23 042

EXO23 043

EXO23 044

EXO23 045

EXO23 046

Even though I can’t use this membership card in my country, I’m still glad that I bought it.

I also made a video for this membership card:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting~

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