My [TAO] SEASIDETAO Photobook +DVD “Poseidon”

As all of you know, I love collecting EXO merchandises especially Tao and Sehun’s items. I also love collecting fansite photobooks.

I collected three of Sehun’s photobooks so far (Hyperbeat, SEHUNA and Iridescent boy’s 1st photobook +DVD)

Today, I will be sharing my first ever Tao’s photobook. This photobook came from one of Tao’s popular fansite, Seasidetao.

EXO21 032

This is SeasideTao’s photobook +DVD “Poseidon”.

EXO21 033

This photobook is a must have for all Tao merchandises collectors.

Here are some pictures I took from this photobook set:

Tin case with button pins, stickers and lomo cards

EXO21 034

EXO21 035

Button pins

EXO21 036

EXO21 037


EXO21 038

EXO21 039

Lomo Cards

EXO21 040

EXO21 041

EXO21 042

EXO21 043

Bag Tag

EXO21 044

EXO21 045

Mini Notebook

EXO21 046

EXO21 047

EXO21 048

EXO21 049

EXO21 050

Mini Photobook “Everlasting Moment”

EXO21 051

EXO21 052

Some clips inside the mini photobook:

EXO21 053

EXO21 054

EXO21 055

EXO21 056

EXO21 057

EXO21 058

EXO21 059

EXO21 060

Poseidon DVD

EXO21 061

EXO21 062

Post cards

EXO21 063

EXO21 064

EXO21 065

EXO21 066

EXO21 067

EXO21 068

EXO21 069


EXO21 070

EXO21 071

EXO21 072


EXO21 073

EXO21 074

EXO21 075

EXO21 076

Poseidon Photobook

EXO21 077

EXO21 078

EXO21 079

EXO21 080

EXO21 081

Here are some pictures I took from the photobook:

EXO21 082

EXO21 083

EXO21 084

EXO21 085

EXO21 086

EXO21 087

EXO21 088

EXO21 089

EXO21 090

EXO21 091

EXO21 092

EXO21 093

EXO21 094

EXO21 095

EXO21 096

EXO21 097

This photobook is worth it. Even though it is expensive, the freebies and the quality of the materials used is amazing. I definitely recommend it to all Tao collectors.

EXO21 098

EXO21 099

EXO21 100

I also made an unboxing video for this photobook:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!!



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