My [TAO] ALMIGHTY X TIKTAKTAO Collaboration Project Photobook +DVD “5:02 Time to Love”

As all of you know, I love collecting EXO merchandises especially Tao and Sehun’s items. I also love collecting fansite photobooks.

I collected three of Sehun’s photobooks so far (Hyperbeat, SEHUNA and Iridescent boy’s 1st photobook +DVD)

Today, I will be sharing my second Tao’s photobook. This photobook came from two of the best fansite of Tao, Almighty and Tiktaktao.

This is a collaboration project for Tao’s birthday.

EXO21 102

EXO21 103

Here are some pictures I took from this set:

EXO21 104

5:02 Time to Love DVD

EXO21 105

EXO21 111

EXO21 112

Tin case with photocards

EXO21 109

EXO21 110

EXO21 113

EXO21 114

EXO21 115

EXO21 116

EXO21 117

EXO21 118

Postcards and stickers

EXO21 119

EXO21 120

EXO21 121

EXO21 122

EXO21 123

EXO21 124

EXO21 125

Screen Cleaner

EXO21 126

EXO21 127

Magnetic sticker

EXO21 128

EXO21 129


EXO21 130

EXO21 131

Clear file and posters

EXO21 132

EXO21 133

EXO21 134

EXO21 135

EXO21 136

EXO21 137

EXO21 138

EXO21 139

5:02 Time to Love Photobook

EXO21 140

EXO21 141

EXO21 142

EXO21 143

EXO21 144

EXO21 145

Here are some pictures I took from the photobook:

EXO21 146

EXO21 147

EXO21 148

EXO21 149

EXO21 150

EXO21 151

EXO21 152

EXO21 153

EXO21 154

EXO21 155

EXO21 156

EXO21 157

EXO21 158

EXO21 159

EXO21 160

EXO21 161

I recommend this photobook set to all Tao merchandises collectors out there. The quality and freebies of this photobook set is fabulous. You won’t get disappointed with it.

EXO21 162

EXO21 163

EXO21 164

EXO21 165

EXO21 166

EXO21 167

EXO21 168

I also made an unboxing video for this photobook set:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!



10 thoughts on “My [TAO] ALMIGHTY X TIKTAKTAO Collaboration Project Photobook +DVD “5:02 Time to Love”

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