My EXO Philippine Press Album Launch Photocards

Since EXO released their first Album XOXO, they became so popular. Because of this, Universal Records Philippines decided to have an Album Launch for EXO.

The first album launch was XOXO, then Growl and now Overdose. All album launches gave away twelve Philippine Press photocards as freebies.

EXO Korean Press photocards are expensive and sometimes hard to get. So I made it a sure to get the Philippine Press. I actually got two sets of XOXO, Growl and Overdose Philippine Press Photocards.

Here’s a sneak peek of my Philippine Press Photocards:

Two sets of XOXO Identity Cards

cards 002

cards 003

cards 004

cards 005

Two sets of Growl Version A and B Photocards

cards 006

cards 007

cards 008

cards 009

cards 010

cards 011

Two sets of Overdose Photocards

EXO21 004

EXO21 005

All of these cards are Philippine Press

EXO21 006

I also made a video for these Philippine Press Photocards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting~


4 thoughts on “My EXO Philippine Press Album Launch Photocards

  1. You are sooooooooooooo lucky to get a lot of merchandises~! 😦 I live in Dubai and they don’t sell k-pop merchandises (you can only buy them once in a blue moon haha xD) or even concerts/fanmeets/album launch/etc.


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