My EXO Overdose Philippine Album Launch Photocards and Freebies

Last July 5, 2014, Universal Record in my country imported Korean Press Overdose Albums and had an Album Launch.

I already bought my Overdose Albums before but because I wanted to get the twelve Philippine Press Photocards freebies, so I purchased again.

EXO21 003

I purchased two sets of EXO Overdose Albums. For each set (K and M), you will be given twelve photocards, two posters, one Overdose bag and two EXO standess from Odyssey.

EXO21 020

EXO21 019


EXO21 022

EXO Overdose Bags

EXO21 021

Philippine Press Photocards

EXO21 004

EXO21 005

EXO21 006

EXO21 007

EXO21 008

EXO21 009

EXO21 010

EXO21 011

EXO21 012

EXO21 013

EXO21 014

EXO21 015

EXO21 016

EXO21 017

EXO21 018

Odyssey Standees

EXO21 023

EXO21 024

EXO21 025

EXO21 026

EXO21 027

This is the third Album Launch of EXO here in my country. The first was XOXO, then Growl and now Overdose. All three album launches were a huge success.

Thank you Universal Records, Odyssey and Astrovision for making this event possible again.

EXO21 028

I also made a video of this album launch freebies and photocards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!


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