My Tao and Sehun’s Sunny10 photocards and July updates

Tao and Sehun are my biases in EXO and everyone knows that I am very dedicated in collecting their merchandises especially their photocards.

Sunny10 released their photocards of EXO. They released three versions of each members photocards. Because these photocards are rare, the prices are way too expensive. So I just bought Tao and Sehun’s.

EXO20 064

EXO20 065

EXO20 066

EXO20 067

EXO20 068

EXO20 069

EXO20 070

EXO20 071

EXO20 072

EXO20 073

Here are some pictures I took from my Tao and Sehun’s July photocards Update:

EXO20 074

EXO20 075

EXO20 076

EXO20 077

EXO20 079

EXO20 080

EXO20 081

EXO20 082

EXO20 083

EXO20 084

EXO20 085

I also prepared a video for my July updates:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting~

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