My EXO Kolon Sport Brochure and Tao and Sehun’s Standee

EXO is one of Kolon Sport’s endorsers. Since they started endorsing Kolon Sport products, the company also released a lot of their merchandises.

One of EXO’s Kolon Sport merchandises are the members’ standees. To get them, you have to buy the shoes that EXO is endorsing. The shoes are really expensive when sold internationally.

Some Ebay sellers sell only the standee. But the standee is still expensive. So I bought only Tao and Sehun’s.

EXO20 043

These standees are bigger than Nature Republic’s

EXO20 044

EXO20 045EXO20 046

EXO20 047

EXO20 048EXO20 050

EXO20 051

I also purchased Kolon Sport Mini Brochure. This brochure has pictures of EXO wearing the shirts from Kolon Sport.

EXO20 052

EXO20 053

EXO20 054

EXO20 055

EXO20 056

EXO20 057

EXO20 058

EXO20 059

EXO20 060

EXO20 061

EXO20 062

My favorite Ebay Seller also gave me an XOXO post card freebie

EXO20 063

I also made a video for these merchandises:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting~


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