My EXO Stardium Cards

Stardium is a brand of clothing in South Korea. Recently, they released shirts that EXO endorsed. When you buy one shirt, you will get one post card of a random member from EXO. But the shirt is very expensive that’s I didn’t buy it.

Then, Stardium released sets of EXO postcards that you can buy without getting the shirts. Because of this, I immediately purchased one set.

exo15 002

exo15 005

exo15 004

exo15 003

exo15 014

exo15 013

exo15 012

exo15 011

exo15 010

exo15 009

exo15 008

exo15 007

exo15 006

back part of the card

exo15 015

exo15 017

exo15 016

I also bought Tao and Sehun’s The Lost Planet Post Cards

exo15 018

exo15 019

I purchased one set of these postcards but they are still in transit

exo15 021

exo15 020

I also made a video for these cards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!

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