Taking EXO Fan Girling to the Next Level

I’ve been a fan of EXO since 2012. I was in love with their songs MAMA and History. But I wasn’t active in the fandom community that time. When Wolf Era came, I made it sure that I would be supporting EXO in many ways that I can do.

I started by purchasing their official and unofficial merchandises. I also attended Album Launches in my country. I attended all kinds of fan meet of EXO too.

And because Tao and Sehun are my biases, I wanted to be a part of their fan clubs here in my country.

Two months ago, Chronus Andeon Ph (a Tao Fan club here in the Philippines) was hiring new staffs. Because of this, I sent my application and I was lucky to be chosen. I’ve been a staff of Chronus Andeon Ph for almost two months now.

Last week, EXOPH (the official fan base of EXO in my country) announced that they will be hiring new staffs. I was shocked and excited to see that news. I wanted to be a part of the official fan base here in my country for a long time now. That’ why I sent my application form.

They sent me an email saying that I passed the pre qualification. I was happy and felt so lucky. I know many fans sent their applications as well and I was one of the chosen candidates. They told me to have an interview on June 7, 2014. They will be choosing the new staffs on this interview.

exomay 004

I was nervous and excited last June 7, 2014, Saturday. The interview was done in a coffee shop at around noon. I was the third person to be interviewed. They asked me questions and I answered them truthfully.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to wait for the result because I needed to meet someone that day. So, I excused myself and they told me that they will text me the result.

I waited for the text for hours. The interview was finished at 6pm but I still didn’t get any text message at 9pm. And then, at around 9:03, one of the staffs texted me saying that I was IN. I jumped for joy inside my brother’s car. They told me I was so crazy shouting by myself.

I am so blessed and happy to be chosen as one of the staffs of EXOPH. It was a dream come true for me. And I  promise to do my best to spread the love of EXO to everyone.

Thank you guys for reading my post. I know my feels~ are a bit boring but I am happy you still read it.

I also made a video for this event in my life:

Thank you guys!



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