My [SEHUN] SEHUNA 1st Photobook +DVD “Bittersweet”

As all of you know, I love collecting EXO merchandises especially Tao and Sehun’s items. I also love collecting fansite photobooks.

I collected two of Sehun’s photobook so far (Hyperbeat and Iridescent boy’s 1st photobook +DVD)

Now, I am adding another set of photobook to my Sehun’s collections.

This is SEHUNA’s 1st Photobook +DVD “Bittersweet”

exomay 001

This photobook comes with its own bag 🙂

exomay 068

exomay 067

Here are some pictures I took while I was unboxing this photobook

exomay 005

exomay 006

exomay 007


exomay 008

exomay 009

exomay 010

exomay 011

Clear file Holder and Fan

exomay 012

exomay 013

exomay 014

exomay 015

exomay 016

exomay 017

photocards, stickers, cellphone cleaner and anti magnetic sticker

exomay 018

exomay 019

exomay 020


exomay 021

cellphone cleaner

exomay 022

exomay 023

anti magnetic sticker

exomay 024

exomay 025


exomay 026

exomay 027

exomay 028

exomay 029

exomay 030


exomay 031

exomay 032

exomay 033

exomay 034

memo pad

exomay 036

exomay 037

support banner

exomay 038

Bittersweet DVD

exomay 039

exomay 040

exomay 041

exomay 042

exomay 043

exomay 044

Bittersweet Photobook

exomay 045

exomay 046

exomay 047

exomay 048

some clips of the photobook

exomay 049

exomay 050

exomay 051

exomay 052

exomay 053

exomay 054

exomay 055

exomay 056

exomay 057

exomay 058

exomay 059

exomay 060

exomay 061

exomay 062

I recommend SEHUNA’s Bittersweet photobook to all Sehun Fansite goods collectors out there 🙂

exomay 063

exomay 064

SEHUNA even wrote a letter to all the buyers 🙂

exomay 065

exomay 066

I also made a video for this photobook:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting!




8 thoughts on “My [SEHUN] SEHUNA 1st Photobook +DVD “Bittersweet”

      • Hello! Are you still looking for Awesome Sehunee’s PB? I want to buy it as well! >.< They are doing stock sale right now and I've contacted Freebies Kpopstore about it but she told me she'll only open if more that 2 persons order for it. Let's contact her if you want? 🙂


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