My Tao and Sehun Photocards Update

Tao and Sehun are my biases and collecting their photocards are a must.

For this month of May, I got five cards to add my collections.

exomay 006

When I purchased my Overdose albums, I didn’t get Tao and Sehun. Instead I got two Luhan, one Suho and one D.O. I traded one Luhan for Sehun’s photocards and D.O for Tao’s.

I purchased the Sunny10 photocards in Ebay. They are a bit pricey compared to its real price.

exomay 047

Because of these cards, I am in heaven 🙂

exomay 058

exomay 059

exomay 060

exomay 057

exomay 055

exomay 056

exomay 053

exomay 054

exomay 052

exomay 051

exomay 050

exomay 061

exomay 064

exomay 065

exomay 066

exomay 067

exomay 048

exomay 049

I also have Suho and Luhan Overdose as extras

exomay 062

exomay 063

exomay 068

exomay 069

And the back of Sunny10 photocard looks like this:

exomay 072

exomay 070

exomay 071

exomay 046

I also made a video for these photocards:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

TaoHun Forever ❤

Happy Collecting!


3 thoughts on “My Tao and Sehun Photocards Update

  1. Hi!!! Ask ko lang po kung saan ka po nakakabili ng magandang binder para sa mga photocards?

    And kung pwede niyo po ako bigyan ng advice?


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