My EXO Group Photocards Update

As everyone knows, I love collecting OT12 items. I also love collecting group photocards.

I collected most of the group photocards but I still don’t have MAMA A OT6K and OT6M. I purchased the Chinese Version of those cards before. But with Kris lawsuit under fire, I decided to buy the Korean Versions of those cards.

exomay 027

These cards are almost rare now. The difference between the Chinese Press and Korean Press is the size of the cards. Chinese Press doesn’t have tags around the cards too.

exomay 028

exomay 029

So now, I have the complete set of MAMA Group Photocards

exomay 030

exomay 033

exomay 031

exomay 032

 I also completed the Growl Group Photocards

exomay 034

exomay 035

exomay 036

I also have the complete set of their XOXO and Growl Promotional Group Photocards

exomay 037

exomay 038

exomay 039

I actually have five sets of Growl Promotional Photocards

exomay 073

I recently purchased SMTOWN Week Global Package Promotional Photocard

exomay 040

exomay 041

I’m so happy with all these cards 🙂

exomay 042

exomay 043

And again, these photocards are NOT FOR SALE

I also made a video for these items

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Happy Collecting 🙂


6 thoughts on “My EXO Group Photocards Update

  1. Hi there
    I think I still have the ot6k and ot6m korean press photocards if u still want to buy them from me.
    I’ll have to check.
    Please let me know


  2. I really wanna buy the XOXO and Growl Promotional Group Photocards set but I can’t find anyone selling it right now 😦 and I really envy with your collection, I also collecting photocards and stuffs too but it not as many as yours. I’m also still searching for Tao MAMA ver A :((


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