My EXO K and M Overdose 2nd Mini Album

In the midst of Kris lawsuit against SMent, EXO M and K are promoting their new Mini Album called Overdose.

This new mini album is conquering music programs in South Korea and China and having all kills in most of the music charts.

Even if I feel sad about Kris issues, I’m still happy because I got my copies of the said album.

Last night, I was so excited opening them because I really want to get Sehun and Tao’s photo cards. Here are some clips of my Overdose albums:

exooverdose 032

exooverdose 031

exooverdose 030

exooverdose 029

exooverdose 027

exooverdose 026

exooverdose 020

EXO M Overdose 2nd Mini Album

exooverdose 021

exooverdose 022

exooverdose 023

exooverdose 024

exooverdose 025

EXO K Overdose 2nd Mini Album

exooverdose 015

exooverdose 016

exooverdose 017

exooverdose 018

exooverdose 019

And here are the clips of the photo cards I got from the album:


exooverdose 003

I got another Luhan ^_^

exooverdose 004

exooverdose 005

exooverdose 006

exooverdose 007

exooverdose 008

exooverdose 009

exooverdose 010

exooverdose 011

exooverdose 012

exooverdose 013

exooverdose 014

Unfortunately I didn’t get Tao or Sehun’s Photocards. I don’t have a choice but to trade these cards.

I also got four posters. I’m not really a fan of posters so I usually purchase folded ones.

exooverdose 048

exooverdose 049

exooverdose 050

exooverdose 051

exooverdose 052

The seller also gave me Overdose Fan made photo cards as freebies:

exooverdose 035

exooverdose 036

exooverdose 037

exooverdose 038

exooverdose 039

exooverdose 040

exooverdose 041

exooverdose 042

exooverdose 043

exooverdose 044

exooverdose 045

exooverdose 046

exooverdose 047

She also added some other stuffs:

exooverdose 033

exooverdose 034

I also made a video for these albums:

Thank you guys for reading my post!

Whatever happens, We Are One for EXO!

EXO Fighting!!

8 thoughts on “My EXO K and M Overdose 2nd Mini Album

  1. I have a small question..
    Do you get a exo-k member’s photocard in the exo-k version and a exo-m member in the exo-m version? or is it all mixed?


  2. Hi, Im a really big fan of EXO. You’re so lucky because you get to buy all those merchandise. I was wondering where you bought those albums because I really like the freebies you got. And where did you buy all your EXO merch????


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